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COVID 19 Notice

We know that this crisis has changed the way that everyone interacts but it has not changed the need for design and remodeling services.  We have changed our standard operating procedures to follow proper government guidelines to protect both you and our employees and stop the spread of this virus.   Our client’s safety is our primary goal and we’ll work with you to your comfort level to make sure you get your dream remodel while staying safe.  Please see below for more details about our changed procedures.

  1. Everyone’s safety is our goal.
  2. Initial meeting – virtual or in person – check the box on our Contact Us page and indicate the type of meeting you would prefer.
  3. All in person contacts will be with masks and maintaining social distancing.
  4. Design meetings with clients can proceed by video conferencing, sample drops at your home, emails, and photo sharing. 
  5. Masks and proper hand washing procedures will be implemented during on site work.
  6. Your home can be protected by physical barrier from job traffic, to keep outside contact at a minimum.


Please note that due to a combination of factors – Covid, west coast fires, and hurricanes – many of our manufacturing partners and materials suppliers have advised that until further notice, they reserve the right to amend the delivery date, price, and scope or quantity of supply and/or other terms and conditions in the initial quote. These changes outside of a manufacturer/supplier’s reasonable control are subject to Force Majeure provisions.

If we run into these problems on your project with any of your selections, we will work with you to make sure we find reasonable replacements and/or keep you apprised of any delays or price changes to the best of our ability.