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Invitation to the Dance

Planning a Remodel?

How Do We Navigate the Tight Space in our House?


Do you have your invitation to the dance? What dance, you ask?

Let me describe it, and see what you think: Do you two-step with your partner at the refrigerator? Any twirls unloading the dishwasher? Lunges for the cereal in the bottom of the pantry while somebody above you does the Twist to grab the cookies, “up here someplace?” Are you shuffling, scootching, break dancing — however you’ve managed to figure it out — in your current space?……How’s that working for you – any morning coffee tensions? Traffic jams at the toaster? And what happens if you have friends over…..

Maybe you’re starting to recognize this awkward dance…imposed by poor, outdated design. What if we could daily enjoy a different dance, a more elegant dance of efficiency, comfort – serenity, even?

What if the space flowed well….and we could preserve sanity while making coffee….pleasantries while making toast….aaah…..starting the day in space that is designed to suit our needs… there’s a thought…..because we all know too well those contortions that otherwise await us….shudder……shudder….