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Home Addition Contractor

Fisher Group, LLC has been northern Virginia’s premier home addition contractor and renovation firm for over 30 years. Our team brings the very best in modern design and architecture to every project. We are excited to bring our skills to your home addition project today.

Meet with our design team to craft your dream home addition. Looking to add a new bedroom or bathroom? Our team is here to take the concepts in your head and make them a reality. Read about our entire planning process on our Process Information page.

Many homeowners truly love their home and are not ready to move to another house. Fisher Group, LLC specializes in home addition that can breathe new life into your old home. Whether you are looking to add a 1/2 bathroom to alleviate the morning traffic jam, a new bedroom for guests, or a living room addition, we can reveal the many unseen benefits of your home.

Benefits of an Addition

Your house was perfect when you bought it—but several kids, pets, and in-laws later, sometimes you just need a little more breathing room. Home additions give you the space you need without having to pack up and start over in a new house.

The benefits of an addition go far beyond extra square footage. Many homeowners don’t realize they can increase your home’s value; bedroom and bathroom additions are a huge investment. If you decide to sell your home, that additional 4 bedrooms, as opposed to 3, could be a difference of thousands of dollars in value.

These are just a few of the many benefits of home additions. Home additions turn your house into something new; let the design come straight from your imagination. Every time you see your new addition, you’ll know that it is truly unique to you.

As your home addition contractor, we are excited about working with you to make your design plans come true. Contact Fisher Group, LLC today!