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About Us

Fisher Group LLC is a Design/Build Renovation firm with 30 years experience working in Northern Virginia. We specialise in kitchens, additions, baths, interior design, basements, and whole house remodelling.

Whether working with the Design Team or our Field Team, the Entire Team at Fisher Group LLC is devoted to making your experience as informed, integrated, and comfortable as possible.

Peggy Fisher Design Director and Owner

From the age of eight Peggy was sewing out of her mother's scrap bag.  Though she didn't know it at the time, she was honing her creativity and nascent space planning skills by figuring out how to create a doll's dress - and later a garment for herself - from odd amounts of fabric.  Peggy later became hooked on the adventure of discovering what might be accomplished if constraints were viewed as opportunities or challenges. She followed these early interests up in school with studies in music, art, history, art history and architecture. These eventually cumulated in a degree in interior design and a certification through NCIDQ.  Her early learned and honed traits of thinking outside of the box, perseverance, and the love of a good challenge combined with her formal education have paid off in satisfying rewards over Peggy's design career. In Ken, she found not only a partner in life, but a partner at work as well.  This partnership has given Fisher Group it's unique familial approach.

Ken Fisher General Contractor and Owner

From the age of 12, Ken Fisher was building multiple tree houses – or additions to his already built tree houses – near his family’s home in northern New Jersey.  He was a good builder and reveled in the art and the science of it.  No one ever fell out of one of his tree houses, and no one ever fell through one. Ken enjoys a focus on both the product and the process and has focused on refining both aspects of the business.  Prior to his decision to focus primarily on remodeling, Ken built several custom homes but then evolved Fisher Group into its current focus as a design-build firm.  Ken’s philosophy that his buildings should look well, function well, and stay in place for at least 100 years has led to a regular occurrence of referrals from satisfied clients.  It has become a solid strategy to build his business. He feels that having a team that works well together is always of high value and with his partnership with Peggy, both in life and in business; this complete team helps to contribute to the familial philosophy of Fisher Group.

Katie Hageman Office Manager

Katie came to Fisher Group with a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of South Carolina and a lot of experience in applying those skills in the customer service arena. Less known, is that she also has a small photography business - really more of a hobby. This experience was instrumental in her picking up the terminology and business of design quickly and seamlessly. She keeps the office organized and the communication flowing with a smile.

William McGrath Architect

Bill has been with Fisher Group since 2010.  He attended the Nova Scotia School of Architecture in Canada where he worked for a few years in the field until he decided to take a break and become a chef.  He then moved to DC to practice this craft.  After a few years as a chef, he decided to come back to his first love of Architecture and never looked back.  He finds a great deal of similarities between cooking and designing - they both involve planning and coordinating materials and very visual - he finds inspiration in both.  Bill enjoys simplicity and nature and funnels these into his hobby as an urban hiker and his dream tiny house.

Jessica Adkins Design Assistant

Jessica graduated with a Bachelor degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She began her career in Kitchen & Bath design at a Southern Maryland distributer where she learned much about the remodeling world. As a new resident of Northern Virginia, she is excited to be with Fisher Group and contributing her experience to create impactful designs that add beauty & functionality to the lives of our clients. Outside of interior design, Jessica has a love for all things creative, especially event design and hand lettering. She is inspired by nature and enjoys designing for a classic style with natural elements.

David Santi Project Manager

David contracted the ‘building bug’ at the age of 10 while working with his father assisting his renovations.  He went on to apprentice in cabinetry work and worked his way up to project manager.  A stickler for detail, he approaches every project with the job of making it perfect for the client, no matter the size.

Marvin Santos Carpenter

Marvin is a dedicated family man with a passion for building and creating new things.  He works seamlessly with our design and construction managers to make sure that the little details aren’t missed.