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Kitchen Derecho

In Process

Dreaming of a new kitchen . . .

Cherry cabinets, beautiful stone, delicate backsplash design, tile floor, warm, traditional style, perfect for hospitable family life.
kitchen detail2
Detail photo after kitchen remodel.

June 15, 2012 – Done! Decisions finalized: cabinet order placed, gorgeous granite agreed upon, appliances, sink, faucets chosen, floor and backsplash tile designed, lighting selected, remodeling scheduled – all on track.
Before Kitchen
As Built Plan
IMG 1203
Before kitchen
Planned Kitchen Remodel
Kitchen No. 1 Plan
Two weeks later – It was a dark and stormy night. . .
Looking at the master bedroom from the exterior.
“The tree hit at 10:30pm on Friday night, June 29, 2012. We lost power & immediatly heard water. We worked in the dark with flashlights trying to limit water damage.
We placed empty containers, buckets & pans throughout the hosue. We gathered every towel, blanket, bedspread & linen we could find to mop up water. After we had contained as much as possible, we attempted to sleep in the basement.
By 6am, I was on the phone calling tree companies. We were able to have the tree removed from the structure on Saturday, June 30. I believe we called you (Fisher Group) that weekend.”
Looking into the master bedroom where the tree fell.
“No one was asleep in bed at the time of the storm. The trunk of the tree crashed through the roof and ceiling of both the master bedroom and my son’s bedroom.
My nephews were playing with my 10 year old son in the basement when the tree hit the house.”
And then. . .
“Fortunately, the storm did not last long. After the violent winds and the quick burst of rain, the storm subsided.
We were able to remove all the wet insulation and rugs from the wood floors. The king size bed in the master bedroom and the twin bed in my son’s room served as a catch basin for the rain.
We would not allow the boys out of the basement and set them up with flashlights to watch for water dripping from the basement ceiling. They would yell when they saw leaks and we would direct them to place a pot under the leak. I believe there were at least 5 ceiling leaks in the basement.
We used every pot and pan, plus dumped every toy out of every rubbermaid container in the basement so we could use the container to catch large quantities of water on the main level & second level of the house.
We were awake fervently working until 3am. Once the water was addressed and we minimized water damage to the best of our ability, we tried to rest until daylight. Remember, there was no power, so we were working by flashlights and lanters. Once the sun came up, we were able to see the extent of the damage to our home. The entire neighborhood was without power for multiple days.”
Stay tuned for the New Kitchen…
Kitchen Remodel/Re-modeled!