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Mud Room Mania – Design ideas for a great mud room

Planning a Remodel?

Mud Room – the dirt stops here!

Mud rooms come in handy this time of year with the rain,

snow, ice and mud…wet shoes, muddy paws, jackets dripping

with moisture – perhaps from shoveling snow?

mud room decorative simple

Does your MUD ROOM need DECORATIVE STORAGE? how about floor

to ceiling cabinet storage?

Who will be using the space…family, friends, loved ones on 4 paws?

mud room storage


A bench for putting on shoes? shelves for knick-knacks?

hooks for jackets, scarves and hats? Drawers? Wall Cabinets?

Perhaps a pocket door to separate the mud room from the rest of

the house?

mud room keightly

Or do you like open concept, making the mud room integral with

the rest of your home’s living space?

Have fun and make your mud room a reflection of your style!

mud room dog

Mud room pet salon – does your mud room need a space for

cleaning 4 paws? Or maybe 8 or 12?

mud room sink

Laundry sink doubles for mud room use?

trainer basement

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