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Our Clients are Family Long After Their Jobs are Complete

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We love all of our clients and feel that our relationship with them is a special one.  They let us into their lives, sometimes into the most personal part.  The home is the center of our client’s life and reflects who they are as a person and as a family.  It also reflects their hopes and dreams and frequently we building something that they have saved for their entire lives.  We are conscious and respect this fact and also feel very blessed to be let into the building of this personal space.

That is why, here at Fisher Group, we treat our clients like our family.  We will do everything in our power to make them happy with their new space.  That is why our clients know that this relationship doesn’t stop when the job is completed.  We keep records on all of the materials used and partners that we have worked with on each job.  And, since we have been in business for over 30 years, our clients know that they can contact us years after the work has been completed to find replacements for items that need to be repaired.

For example, we recently helped a previous client find a replacement faucet for one that she choose 10 years ago.  Though we couldn’t find one exactly like the one she had as it was out of production and popularity, we did some research and were able to find something similar for her.

Here is another example: 


We remodeled this client’s home 10 years ago.  She recently gave us a call and let us know that the light track in the photo (the curvy one) had shorted out.


This track was curved by hand so is custom to this kitchen.  We checked our records and then tracked down all of the materials.  After approving a quote for the fix with the client, we got to work.  Watch the process below:

  1. First, we had to take down all of the old materials
    B9982C3B-0854-45A3-AFA8-A55DB367B00C corrected
  2. Then we needed to lay out the old tracks on the floor and trace the shape to make sure everything matched exactly.  77BA60B8-20C3-43E4-BDF5-9E963F36A75A corrected
  3. Then we hand-curved the tracks to match the originalsC9140ACD-E107-4375-A26E-E80F94C50EB4 corrected
  4. Then we carefully put up the new tracks and attached the new lights (next 3 photos)
    C4A7C77D-57FE-421E-8954-BAB9F697AFC1 corrected 68E1ED2F-AADA-4AE6-A158-DC38CBBAD482 corrected 68D488D4-BA75-477D-8DF8-67A2EB5501C0 corrected
  5. And finally, the job was complete:  4FA8D199-01F8-4278-93F4-EB1F19EF6519 corrected

We hope you enjoyed this back-of-the store view into our process! We also hope that you like our business philosophy as it relates to client relationships and will use this information when you are deciding on the design firm to work with.

Please give us a call at 703-750-1151 or contact us on the contact us page with any questions and/or if you are considering a remodel.