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Goodbye Winter, Hello Porch! Picnic in the Sun for Earth Day

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Come Join Us for a Picnic in the Sun!

As we move out from under the April Showers and enter the beautiful part of spring, it’s time to shake off the winter blues and pull out those picnic baskets, pretty drinks, outside furniture and umbrellas, and turn your porch into your living room.  We invite you to pull up a chair (or hammock), grab a drink, and join us in a tour of some of our porch and deck work for inspiration.

Lets start with this classic front porch rocking chair with a Southwestern Twist.  This porch is perfect for rockin’ it out in the sun with a friend and a glass of cold lemonade or sweet tea.

Bigger & Better

Looking for a cool backyard retreat perfect for drinking wine? Look no further than the above example. Come join us in the garden!

Peggy Fisher - Nod To Wright

Worried about rain or bugs?  How about this beautiful screened in porch to protect you from those hazards.  And on a humid day there is a fan to circulate the air. Plus the view!  Perfect to enjoy those weekend brunches with friends!

Southwestern Touch

Or, go one step further and bring the outside in with comfortable living room style furniture.  This space would be great for entertaining for a relaxed cocktail party.  Throw the door to the house open and lay out hors d’oeuvres to create an inviting overflow space.

Bungalow Update

We can’t forget those cool, clear spring nights when you want to extend your time outside as long as possible.  Here you and your guests could extend your scintillating conversation with a night cap and perhaps some roasted marshmallows over the fire.

Mmmm! Marshmallows!

LCPhoto_Fisher_Green Deck_MG_9230#B021

What about those warm spring nights as we slide into summer.  Wouldn’t this deck be perfect for a late night dinner party possibly featuring cool ceviche and maybe a pitcher of sangria?  Invite your friends and relax!


Have a great Earth Day!  We hope these ideas will help you get outside and celebrate the beautiful weather that Mother Nature has finally supplied this spring.

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