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Our Love Letter to Coffee on National Coffee Day!

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Happy National Coffee Day!

Happy National Coffee Day!

As those of you out there that are coffee lovers know, the day doesn’t start until you have that first cup of coffee.  How do you feel when you have that first sip – warm, relaxed, chipper, awake…?  And for those of you that love a coffee lover, you have learned to stay out of the way of the coffee pot.  Today is the perfect day for all of you – National Coffee Day – the day to celebrate the beverage that keeps us all sane.

Did you know that the first ever recorded use of the cocoa plant as a beverage was in a Yemen Sufi monastery?  Since then it has migrated its way across the Middle East, into Europe, Africa, South and Central America, and the United States.  Here it has become American’s most favorite daily beverage next to water.  We love our coffee dripped, expresso’d, frapichino’d, mocha’d, black, white, sweet, bitter, and so many other variations too numerous to count; entirely dependent on the individual.

Coffee’s love is personal and shared, so what space in the home is better to represent these qualities then the kitchen which has been considered the heart of the home.  Where the coffee is made, the smell permeates, the first sip is taken, our favorite mugs are stored, and where we serve it to our guests and friends.  If designed well it can also be the perfect place to sit and sip and contemplate the world:


For all of these reasons, and many more not mentioned, we love the simple pleasure of drinking a cup of coffee.  So we invite you to join us in celebrating this humble beverage today on its natural holiday.  Take a look at our Facebook and Twitter feed for companies that are offering deals today.


Isn’t the plant a beautiful inspiration as well?